Healing Through Style CiC is a dynamic social enterprise which provides innovative fashion and style techniques to clients as an aid to boosting self-confidence and self- esteem. We offer a range of exciting services from one to one style consultations to workshops that celebrate and enhance positive self image.

We understand that fashion and style has a powerful impact on a individuals perception of his or herself, and can impact strongly on how he or she feels and thinks.

Stylish clothes which complement the body and take effort to put together tell us that the wearer is making a positive statement to the world.

We want to help people have fun with style and fashion. We want people to feel inspired to wear clothing that makes them feel beautiful, cool and at ease. We want people to stop hiding behind clothing and release their greater selves through style and fashion.

We offer adults, and young people, males and females the opportunity to work with a professional, knowledgeable and caring organisation. Our team are all professionals who bring extensive experience, knowledge and skills coupled with a deep sense of respect and compassion for their clients.

May fashion and style add excitement, happiness and opportunity to your life.