The Social Mission

The social mission of Healing Through Style is: to use the power of style and fashion to build confidence and happiness in our clients and transform their lives positively.

In order to expound on our mission statement we have created three position statements on which we base the philosophy and ethos of Healing Through Style.

The power of style and fashion

Style and fashion is not simply about how we dress but more a reflection of our inner emotions and states. Style and fashion then represents whether we feel good or bad about ourselves. Understanding this allows Healing Through Style to help others to use style and fashion to represent a more positive reflection of their greater and positive selves.

Building confidence and transforming lives

The clothes we wear have the power to transform how we behave in different situations; wearing the right dress for a function or the right shirt and tie for an interview can have life changing results. Healing Through Style wants to help people understand the power of style and fashion in order to build inner confidence and self-esteem. So rather than hiding behind the clothes we wear, we want people to live a life full of vibrancy by using the power of style and fashion.

Being a social enterprise

We‟re proud to be a social enterprise. For us this means that we‟re always driven by our social mission, focusing on serving others first rather than serving our business as many other businesses do. We are not a business driven primarily by money. Money and resources merely enable us to fulfil our core aims and that is to help our clients to awaken more confidence and happiness in their lives through style and fashion.

Our Values

Our values are important as they serve as a guide on how to run the business in the best way in order to make Healing Through Style a successful and reputable business worthy of praise and respect.

The values of Healing Through Style are:

Compassion: Healing Through Style offers a safe place for people to be able to explore themselves through the use of fashion and style so that they can feel comfortable and empowered to address the challenges they may face. We ensure that all those who access our services and all our staff and stakeholders are accepted, not judged and feel respected and cared for.Respect: We respect that everyone is unique and has his or her own unique needs, desires and beliefs. We respect everyone from clients to employees in spite of colour, creed, sexuality, disability or political persuasion. Everyone must be respected. We value our staff, stakeholders and their service both great and small and will celebrate as much as we can together the good we do as a team.

Creativity: Healing Through Style‟s knowledge and passion for style is all embracing and we work with and promote creativity to enable individuals to awaken or enhance their creativity so they may use it to enhance or improve their self esteem, confidence, opportunities or as a tool for enjoyment and happiness.

Aspiration: Healing Through Style is a social enterprise that aspires to grow and develop in order to support and help more people. We also want to support the aspirations of everyone from client to employee in order help everyone aspire and grow emotionally and professionally.