Nathanya Laurent

Nathanya Laurent is a postgraduate of The University of Leeds and has worked within educational settings and the media industry for over 10 years. From primary schools to long running soap sets Nathanya has enjoyed every moment offering her services and sharing her wealth of knowledge.

During her time at university she began working towards the Healing Through Style vision by running fashion workshops for women with cancer at Wheatfields Hospice.

The four sessions she ran, offering fashion advice, colour, hair and makeup, were so successful that she was asked to continue them. The Healing Through Style idea took root when Nathanya travelled around the UK with fashion guru Bradley Taylor doing „Challenge the Stylist‟ events in shopping centres. Women were invited to come along for consultations, and they did, bringing their incredible life stories along with them!

Nathanya met one woman who wept as she removed her clothes, because treatment for ovarian cancer had caused a hormonal imbalance which left her covered in hair.

Another woman had lost a fantastic amount of weight but was still dressing for a large frame; her own body image hadn‟t caught up with the truth. And another woman and her daughter, who came almost camouflaged, dressed head-to-toe in black, in hiding because the mother had recently escaped a violent relationship.

These women through styling not only changed their view of themselves but inspired something deep within Nathanya to offer her intimate knowledge of style and passion for fashion to others in order to transform their lives and emotions through the magic of style and thus Healing Through Style was born.



Janet Wilks

Janet Wilks has over 20 years experience in personal and business coaching. She holds diplomas in coaching, psychology Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an experienced Licensed Practitioner of NLP and motivational speaker.

Janet‟s specialist area of coaching is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and working with people to increase their levels of confidence, self belief and self worth on both a professional and personal level. Janet‟s insights and knowledge of human emotions and behaviour bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Healing Through Style. Janet helps the business to offer a truly personal service which understands and addresses the needs of clients and allows staff and assistants to work effectively in a friendly and supportive environment.


Richard Holder

Richard Holder is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist within the NHS with over 8 years experience of working in Leeds and Huddersfield.

Richard loves his work because he gets a chance to make a difference by helping others to overcome challenges and difficulties. In Richard‟s words „It‟s very rewarding to see someone reconnect with their valued direction in their life and return to a state of healthy, emotional wellbeing‟.

Richards passions centre him; family and friends, music, good food and politics all contribute to his happiness and own wellbeing. Richard‟s profession as therapist and his genuine desire to help people to heal from difficult experiences, while enriching the lives of others makes him a huge asset to Healing Through Style for his insights, professional advice and wealth of experience.


Katherine Wilkinson

Katherine Wilkinson is the Director of FLAIR Creative graphic design agency. Early in her career Kath gained extensive experience as a graphic designer and studio manager for agencies in Yorkshire and the Midlands before establishing herself as a freelance designer in 2001. Since then Kath has built a strong network of carefully – selected industry professionals. Kath has a great capacity for innovative thinking which extends beyond graphic design to product and service development. She is passionate about corporate social responsibility and proactive in creating ways for organisations to “give back”. Kath has helped to create not only a professional image for Healing Through Style but a brand image that perfectly represents our philosophy and values.




Robert Jefferies is a highly experienced and talented artistic director for Toni & Guy. He has taught international students at the London and Manchester academies of Tony and guy. He not only has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry from photo shoots to TV makeovers but is a specialist in hairdressing. He regularly presents at major hair shows around the country sharing valuable information and insights on the latest and future hairstyle trends. He is very much aware and in tune with what are the best styles, cuts and colours to enhance a client‟s unique sense of beauty and inner confidence. Recently, he has become more involved in working with women living with cancer giving the people he works with “Strength in Style”.

His years of expertise and vast knowledge of hair dressing and style is an important addition to the treasure trove of knowledge shared amongst the different professionals who contribute to Healing Through Style.

Nyla Russell with 7 years of experience in the Make-up and Beauty industry is not only an extremely talented make-up artist but a creative genius. Nyla‟s unique approach to working with clients is based on her belief that „no client is neither better nor worst in terms of beauty but a beautiful blank canvas who must be respected and understood for their uniqueness rather than judged against the sterile and popular view of beauty. This deep appreciation for raw and adulterated beauty allows Nyla to create amazing results and a beautiful transformation on and within her clients whether subtly or overtly using make-up. Her knowledge, respect and extensive experience are very valuable to the success of Healing Through Style.