Healing Through Style with its great team of specialists, staff and inspirational services allow us to offer our clients a service that is not only professional but effective and unique in that we tailor our services for each and every client. Healing Through Style is proud to help our clients to find more happiness, confidence and opportunity in their lives through our following workshops:

Group workshops: A series of structured and energising workshops that address how style and fashion can enhance confidence and well-being. Each session is delivered by the founder Nathanya Laurent. Nathanya also invites other professionals such as fashion designers, hair stylists, make-up artists, life coaches, careers advisors and nutritionists to talk to our service users and to offer positive advice, tips and guidance. Course participants are invited to share their views and stories while enjoying new experiences and exploring new trends in style and fashion.

One to one sessions: We offer a styling service which teaches the client about how to use personal styling to show how the clothes that they already have can be updated and dressed in different ways to enhance their self image without the cost of buying a new wardrobe. The cost of a one to one session will be between £10 and £50 per hour according to a sliding scale of fees which is related to the client‟s level of income.

Enterprising Fashion: Young people are introduced to the idea of a fashion enterprise. Through fun and interactive workshops we show them step by step how to create their own fashion enterprise. We teach them how to customise clothes, how to brand their creations, how to market their business, how to showcase designs andhow to find the best sales channels for their products. All this is achieved through two workshops; short and long term. The basic package is for one day and is an introduction to social enterprise and fair-trade, interviewing for roles within the „company‟, social media and customising clothes to sell at their school. The long term package offers the same as the basic package with the addition of establishing the social enterprise in real time and a more in depth focus on fair-trade. Our young clients will also learn how to create a fashion show and create a short film or photo- shoot to showcase their products and celebrate their achievements.

Please contact Nathanya Laurent to discuss your requirements and prices.